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Do you want to move to Bologna?

Moving to Bologna and its province

Bologna is a city of art, culture and commerce with an efficient trade fair structure. Moreover, it boasts a renowned manufacturing and motoring tradition and is known for its almost 40 km of arcades, the longest in the world. Don’t ask yourself if you want to move to Bologna, but ask yourself why you shouldn’t? With its art and history, Bologna surprises the traveller in all seasons, from the festive atmosphere of the Bolognese summer to the magical atmosphere of the Christmas lights.

How to prepare for the move to Bologna?

Make sure you continue to update the necessary utilities and documents.

  • First of all, remember to take note of the codes of the new counters before moving as they will be useful for the transfer of the users. More importantly, remember to change the contract for water, electricity and gas. Finally, always read the meters before you leave your home.
  • Change residence at the registry office and ask for a new general practitioner at the relevant AUSL.
  • In Bologna, the Waste Tax is managed directly by the manager of the Hera Spa service, who will directly provide users with payment models. Despite this, remember to check that the passage has taken place correctly.

Why rely on a moving company in Bologna?

Moving by yourself could be a good option, but have you ever thought about what advantages a specialised company can bring you?

  • Professionalism: Experienced movers are used to handling packaging and unpacking accurately and can guarantee you loading and unloading skills so as not to cause damage to your furniture.
  • Knowledge of the territory and bureaucracy: since the city center and part of the university districts are areas with limited traffic, in these cases it is really convenient to rely on an experienced company that is able to move easily on the territory and already has the necessary authorizations to move freely.
  • Handling inside historical buildings and narrow streets: only qualified professionals have the means to meet the particular needs of handling and space, thus ensuring the final result.

How much does it cost to move to Bologna?

The cost of moving to Bologna may depend on several factors

  • The distance between houses: if it takes more than a couple of hours to reach the new house, it is possible that it may be necessary to move or move in several days.
  • Quantity of furniture, value and complexity of assembly: packing and unpacking personal items requires attention and commitment. In the case of many pieces of furniture or elaborate furniture it may be necessary to use more resources that would increase the budget.
  • Possible need for permits for the parking of vehicles: if it is necessary to pass through restricted traffic areas or to stay for several hours, it is necessary to obtain municipal permits.
  • Use of platforms or forklift trucks: if the move takes place in high floors, it may be necessary to use special platforms or equipment that would increase the final cost

Let your plans carry you away, we’ll carry everything else.

We operate throughout the country, we have offices and warehouses for the temporary storage of furniture and personal effects and we are always available thanks to our customer service 24/24!

You can choose between different solutions according to your needs, saving time and money.
Our technicians will carry out an on-site inspection and only then will you decide whether to entrust us with your move.