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The right guide for finding your way through the price jungle and finding out how much a move costs

Do you have to move? Let’s start with the first step, the estimate!

When you think about moving, you often underestimate the economic effort required and do not take into account the small expenses and contingencies that can increase the final cost. To avoid surprises it is good to rely on professionals to delegate all the tasks: it is good to have clear ideas from the beginning, in order to plan the budget and the logistical details of the move.
In this way you can face the transfer with serenity and enjoy this particular moment of life.
Let’s find out together how much a move costs.

How much is a move?

The cost of a move is always subjective and depends on several factors.

  • Milan, Rome, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Turin, each city has its own peculiarities and its own specific market. 
  • Distance: if the point of departure and the point of arrival are very far away, the move may take two or more days, increasing the cost.
  • City area and plan: If you live in a restricted traffic area, on a road that is difficult to reach or on a high level, the removal company will have to equip itself with special means and special permits.
  • Quantity of objects to be transferred: if the house is small but has many objects and furniture to be transferred, the estimate will have to take this into account.
  • Difficulty in assembly: if you need to move a lot of large furniture, disassembly and reassembly will take time and highly skilled staff to ensure the proper transfer.

Why choose a specialised moving company?

  • The estimate you will receive will guarantee you the total amount of your investment, with no surprises!
  • The company will carry out an inspection that will reduce the time for packaging and disassembly operations.
  • Thanks to the use of equipped means of transport, tackling stairs and transporting material will not be a problem.
  • All operations will be carried out by experienced staff who will ensure an excellent final result.
  • You’ll be covered by a damage insurance policy.
  • No stress: the company takes care of all practices and requests for any necessary permits.

The price of your moving

Do you want to save money without too much effort and risk damage? Or do you prefer the peace of mind of a carefree move?

Whatever solution you choose, you can be sure of a professional, safe and convenient move.  Find out which services you can include in your tailor-made move. Our estimates include all the stages of the move, technical inspection, preparation of furniture and personal effects, transfer from the place of origin to the place of destination by land, sea or air, customs export operations (if necessary) and delivery or any stop in the warehouse.

Your 24-hour estimate

How much is a move? Do you want to know in advance how much you could spend on your move?

You can choose between different solutions according to your needs, saving time and money.
Our technicians will carry out an inspection and only then will you decide whether to entrust us with your move.