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Stress-free international movings

Worldwide presence

Are you ready to completely change your life on the other side of the world? Or do you have to move to the emerging countries of the new world economies for work? Or more simply, does your professional career take you beyond national borders to take advantage of the opportunities offered by other European Union countries?
An international move, whether residential or business, is a complex experience where every technical, bureaucratic and emotional aspect is amplified and must therefore be addressed trying to avoid excessive anxiety and stress.

At the service of your peace of mind, the Coopservice professional network is present in every corner of the world: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, thanks to partnerships with the best local Movers Companies.

Do you want an international service tailored to your needs?

The international move tailored to you

  • Turnkey price: our service includes first of all a free home visit to understand the size of the move and your expectations. With our quote there are no surprises or items added at the bottom of the list. It’s already all-inclusive, based on the modalities that we have agreed with you.
  • Move Manager dedicated to you that ensures that everything happens smoothly, that keeps you constantly informed of the status of the transfer and is always available even after hours, thanks to emergency numbers that you will be provided.

Why rely on us to travel the world?

The no-stress guarantees of the Coopservice international move

  • Full Protection insurance coverage for the complete protection of your assets, against any unforeseen event, from the moment we walk through the door of the house to move to the moment we shake hands at the finished work in your new residence abroad.
  • Tracking the position of your goods during the transfer thanks to an online platform that can be consulted at any time with the user code and password that we provide confidential.

The guarantee of worldwide logistical support

The professional network of Coopservice follows you in every corner of the world

  • Warehouses and warehouses owned by us where the goods to be moved are temporarily stored in case of need or waiting to be transferred and relocated. Coopservice is fully responsible for their perfect care.
  • Local partner companies of certified quality that we know personally and that are affiliated to the major international moving associations, such as the International Association of Movers (IAM), with over 2,000 members worldwide, and the Federation of European Movers Association (FEDEMAC).

Let your plans carry you away, we’ll carry everything else.

Transfers of goods from Italy to abroad may take place by land in the case of relatively short distances or by sea or air. The choice is made taking into account the location to be reached but also your time needs, as well as the quantity and type of goods to be transported.

To find the right solution for you, rely on our Move Manager and ask for a customized estimate on your needs, we are at your disposal!