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The support you’re looking for, all over the world

Worldwide presence

Relying on a professional operator of great and consolidated experience who takes care of every step of the process of transferring your belongings is definitely an advisable choice. Imagine that you can rely on more than 2,000 operators… all over the world! With a network of international collaborators your move out of Italy is safe.

An international network of professional movers

We, together with IAM

At the service of your peace of mind, our international network is present in every corner of the planet: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania.

In every place our operating partners are the best local Mover Companies, like us associated with the International Association of Movers (IAM) which, with its 2,000 affiliates, is the most important worldwide organization in the industry.

Compliance with the strict parameters imposed by membership in the IAM is the best guarantee of responsibility, reliability and ethicality of the Mover Company to which you entrust your international move.

Coopservice is also a member of the italian “Association of Italian Removal Companies (AITI)”, with its own representative on the Board of Directors.

The guarantee of a widespread logistic network

The value of a professional and distributed network

Given the complexity of international transfers, a professional Mover Company is ready to deal with any type of event and for this reason it is necessary to have depots and warehouses spread throughout the territory. The availability of warehouses located along all the main routes ensures the ability to efficiently manage movements, temporary storage and any vehicle passages at any stage of transport.

The logistic network formed by our warehouses and depots spread throughout the Italian territory, particularly near the main commercial ports and hub, guarantees that in any circumstance your goods will be perfectly guarded and preserved.

The guarantees of Coopservice’s international movings

Why rely on us?

  • For the transparency of our proposal: because our service provides first of all a free home visit to ensure a turnkey estimate, all inclusive, without surprises.
  • For the security of a personalized service: because we provide you with a Move Manager dedicated to you who will personally follow each step of the transfer.
  • For the guarantee of total insurance coverage: because our policy responds to any unexpected event that may occur, completely protecting the value of your goods.
  • For the peace of mind of having our own logistics network: because we have our own depots and warehouses located near the main commercial ports, in case you need to temporarily store your goods.
  • For the certainty of seriousness of our partners: why in each country we operate with local companies that we know personally and that like us are associated with IAM (International Association of Movers).

Let your plans carry you away, we’ll carry everything else.

Transfers of goods from Italy to abroad may take place by land in the case of relatively short distances or by sea or air. The choice is made taking into account the location to be reached but also your time needs, as well as the quantity and type of goods to be transported.

To find the right solution for you, rely on our Move Manager and ask for a customized estimate on your needs, we are at your disposal!