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Do you want to move to Parma?

Removals in Parma and province

The centre of Parma, rich in artistic masterpieces, welcomes visitors and citizens in the refined atmosphere of a small capital.
A small town on a human scale, one of the cities in northern Italy where people live better according to the magazine Sole24Ore, which reflects an active and varied real estate market and consequently many opportunities for relocation.

Why contact a professional company to move to Parma

Hiring experts will make your move easier and safer, the removal company will take care of everything.

If you are about to move to a Restricted Traffic Zone, you will need a temporary mark for circulation and parking. Many companies registered as hauliers already have permits, which will save you time. If the house you are moving from or the one you are reaching is on a mezzanine floor, you may need to use a crane or lifting platform that requires a municipal office authorisation. In addition, it is often necessary to obtain permission to occupy the land and public areas, in Parma must be presented at the offices of the municipality and 15 days in advance.

What documents do I need to move?

During the move it is easy to forget which documents are to collect and prepare.

Follow the check list to get everything under control

  • Change of residence for identification documents and for the electoral card
    Immediately inform your employer of your change of residence
  • Apply for a new general practitioner at the competent health authority
  • Find out about the Waste Tax and how to collect waste separately
  • Already before moving take note of the serial number of the water, electricity and gas meters, you will need to request the voltura of the utilities

How much does it cost to move to Parma?

Here are the elements to take into account when calculating a quote

  • Do you have time to pack your items? The self-packaging lowers the estimate, always assess the convenience of a service provided by specialized personnel that will save you time and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Furniture disassembly/reassembly: if you have a lot of furniture, precious or delicate pieces, the price of the move will vary. Removing furniture correctly is a very delicate operation which, if not done correctly, could ruin it and make it impossible to reassemble it. Relying on experienced staff will ensure an unhindered move!
  • Documents and permits: each municipality requires different forms and permits, a specialized company will take care of all the paperwork.
  • Transport: always take into account transport costs, which vary depending on the distance to be covered and also depending on the area of the move.

Let your plans carry you away, we’ll carry everything else!

We operate throughout the country, we have offices and warehouses for the temporary storage of furniture and personal effects and we are always available thanks to our customer service 24/24!

You can choose between different solutions according to your needs, saving time and money.
Our technicians will carry out an on-site inspection and only then will you decide whether to entrust us with your move.