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Do you want to move to Reggio Emilia?

Movings to Reggio Emilia and province

From our headquarters in Reggio Emilia we have been working with expertise for years and can guarantee fast and efficient removals, tailored to your needs.
Reggio Emilia is a man-sized city at the top of the rankings of the most prosperous and livable cities in Italy: known for the high level of services and for the industriousness and ingenuity of its inhabitants.

How to organize your move to Reggio Emilia?

  • Prepare a checklist, with the help of a roadmap you will face the move with more serenity
    A few weeks earlier start selecting the one you want to take with you to your new home, and delete the one you don’t need anymore. The move is the perfect opportunity to clean up.
  • Remember to select the items you don’t use frequently, you’ll realize the actual amount of personal effects to carry.
  • Prepare a suitcase with everything you need during the first days after the transfer and transport it separately
  • If you have pets, make sure you have a special pets management plan for them too!
  • Remember to consume all perishable food, and keep transportable supplies well separated: they will be handled and transported differently.
  • Always confront yourself with your moving company: the specialized technicians will be able to advise you at best, for them the moving is daily bread!

How to choose a company for your move?

Moving is a very stressful time in life that generates anxiety and concern.
To reduce tension, it may be useful to rely on experts in the field, qualified professionals capable of solving any problem inherent in the move, thus restoring our peace of mind.

How do you choose the removal company that best suits your needs?

  • The first piece of advice is, “Don’t rush.”
  • Ask for an estimate and check it carefully
  • Check your insurance coverage
  • Evaluate the organizational capabilities of the removal company
  • Ask for quality packaging materials
  • Entrust your experts with the most difficult tasks
  • Make sure that the mover is disposing of correctly

How much does it cost to move to Reggio Emilia?

The cost of moving may depend on several factors

  • The distance to be covered: if the starting point and the arrival point are very far away, the move may take two or more days and the transfer may affect the final cost
  • The city area and the plan: if you live in a restricted traffic area, in a small or difficult to reach street or on a very high floor, the removal company will have to equip itself with special vehicles and special permits.
  • Quantity of objects to be transferred: if the house is of small size but is cluttered with objects and furniture, the estimate will have to take this into account, as it will increase the time for packaging, the means of transport involved and the staff involved in the operations
  • Difficulty in assembly: if you have to transfer a lot of large furniture, disassembly and reassembly will take a lot of time and highly skilled personnel to ensure the proper transfer of your furniture.

Let your plans carry you away, we’ll carry everything else!

We operate throughout the country, we have offices and warehouses for the temporary storage of furniture and personal effects and we are always available thanks to our customer service 24/24!

You can choose between different solutions according to your needs, saving time and money.
Our technicians will carry out an on-site inspection and only then will you decide whether to entrust us with your move.

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